InAppBI Advantages Over Other BI Solutions

This is one of our most frequently asked question. The world of BI solutions is very diverse and this often makes it hard for customers to find the right solution which fits their specific needs. In this blog post, I will summarize the top 5 unique advantages of InAppBI compared to other BI solutions.

1. Template driven Visualization Layer

A unique feature of InAppBI is to support rich set of visualizations with complete flexibility on how you customize and configure. InAppBI provides a template framework based on HTML and CSS, which simplifies creating interactive visualizations that fit naturally with in your application. Our template layer provides the following unique advantages :

  • The visualizations that you create and embed truly becomes part of your application. Since the template layer is based on HTML and CSS, the visualizations that you create can be exactly customized to fit your application styling. And you are not confined to just showing charts or counts. You can tell the story behind the data in plain english or using static images in an Infographic format. You can enable your UI/UX team to utilize the frameworks that they are familiar with, to create impressive data stories.
  • For the visualizations that you create, you can capture clicks on the charts or HTML elements to let the user drill down from a visualization to a particular screen within your application or customize the visualization based on the context of the page in which you are rendering the visualization. The visualizations and not confined to an iFrame or a section rendered by your BI tool that you cannot interact with.
  • Our Template Framework, gives you flexibility to create your own reusable UI components and utilize them across multiple visualizations. You can tap into any of the existing charting library or simply use our out of the box charting library integration.

Sample Embedded Dashboards

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 4.13.46 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 4.14.32 PM

2. Robust Query Layer

Native Queries

InAppBI supports writing native queries depending on the Data Source type. You can extract the data by writings a SQL Query, Elastic Search Query, Big Query e.g. depending on the data store type. This means you can quickly tap into the skill set you already have and pull the data in the format that you need. InAppBI pushes the computation close to where the data resides. InAppBI supports the FULL query support of the underlying Data Source.

Scripting Layer

InAppBI provides a robust scripting layer that you can tap into, to query data across multiple heterogenous data sources and transform the data. You can also integrate external libraries to perform data manipulation or do advanced statistical analysis on top the data that you query. Scripting layer lets you construct queries dynamically and add filters with complex business logic based on run time parameters. InAppBI provides a convenient way to debug the scripts that you write using the online interface.

3. Push based Contextual Insights

InAppBI powers insights within your application via the scripting layer so that you can better engage your users. These insights can be embedded within the right context of your application. For example, if InAppBI identifies an insight by analyzing sales trend, you will be able to embed details of that analysis within the right context, such as the sales info page for a particular account in your application.
Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 4.30.29 PM

4. Out of the box Site

InAppBI lets you create a Data Driven Website with a single click from day one to start exposing all your visualizations to your users in a secure and customized way. You can enforce authentication and authorization for the site based on your needs. You can create user/group level access controls in order to gate who gets to view what in the website. And you can host the site at your custom domain and quickly customize according to your needs. Visualizing the data and providing access to it is really a breeze.

5. Dashboard Composition Capability

InAppBI provides a drag and drop interface so that your users can create their own custom Dashboards. You users will be able to customize the Dashboard according to their preference and save them for future consumption. This capability provides a great model for self service Data Analytics to your end users.


These are just some of the aspects how InAppBI is different from most of the BI tools out there. Contact us to see how you can tap into the power of InAppBI to convert your application into a Data Driven Application